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Dyno Plots

Performance diagram of MY4.5 Stage 1 Injector with and without additional injector modification

Dynoplot of MY4.5 Stage 1 with and without injectorupgrade: download pdf

Nozzles: We only deliver nozzles with the newest design and reliability features. The nozzle holes are manufactured with an EDM process. Each nozzle is hydro erosive rounded to the exact flow value.

Injectors: BBI is the first injection modifying company who is able to change the complete injector setup to get better engine response and great performance at high rpm. We are the first ones not only offering a higher nozzle flow.

Testing: We only deliver fully tested injectors, meeting tight tolerance to ensure our own demands in quality. Each Injector gets tested at single test points; complete injection quantity maps up to system pressure (1600/1800bar) and shot/shot spread. For every injector set we hand out a test report sheet for the customer to be able to control our delivered quality.

Data sheet with complete mapping attached to each set of injectors: download.pdf