What injector stage do I need?

The selection of the right injector set is dependent on your personal goals. For a street driven truck in most cases Stage 0.5´s or Stage 1´s are the best choice. Those injectors are what a daily driver can use and get advantages in power and economy. And you will get the possibility to reach the 700rwhp level with a tuner and twins. By the way, 700whp are the maximum you can get out of single stock CP3 pump. If you need further assistance with your choice of injectors, please do not hesitate and get in touch with us.


What does changed injector adjustment parameters mean and what are the differences to the injector body upgrade?

It means, that the injector get completely disassembled, all necessary adjustment parameters will be changed and some parts will be reworked to get the maximum power out of the injectors. Every injector Stage has it´s own adjustment parameters to guarantee their perfect function. The injector body upgrade is a change of the hydraulic setup of the injector. It is making the injector much faster at opening and closing. So you will get a higher injection quantity in a shorter amount of time into your combustion chamber. This is essential if you want to achive high HP levels at high rpm´s.


Do you sell nozzles only?

Mounting nozzles without the necessary tools and knowledge leads to damages at the sealing surfaces of the injectors body and the nozzle itself. So we do only sell complete injectors.


How do you test or adjust the injectors?

The injectors are tested at their full pressure range. Standard test programms contain single injection test points like full load, low idle, pilot and post injection and complete injection quantity mappings over energizing time at low, medium and full system pressure. We also have the ability to measure the injection rate at the single test points. We balance every injector set by adjusting parameters like magnet and nozzle spring force, armature and nozzle lift, residual air gap and so on.


Why don’t your injectors have the injector rattle anymore?

Because we know the real reason for this weird noise. You must be pleased with this response, we are not giving hints to our competitors.You will never ever hear it, guaranteed.


How do I enter the IQA (Injector Quantity Adjustment) codes for my new BBI 6.7l injectors?

BBI injectors come within a lot tighter tolerances than new Bosch injectors. For that reason there is no software correction necessary and you do not need to use an IQA code to correct your BBI´s.
The best way is to enter the same IQA code at all 6 cylinders. It does not matter what code you use.