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Rebuilt aftermarket fuel injectors by specialists

Are you looking for a cheaper solution to increase performance of your engine? Try BBI remanufactured injectors. They are remanufactured, tested and adjusted to the same mechanical and hydraulic tolerances as our new BBI injectors. We offer remanufactured injectors for Dodge RAM years of production:

Why are BBI injectors the best aftermarket injectors?

BBI specialists completely disassemble, ultrasonic clean and newly assembly and adjust those injectors. All our remanufactured injectors get the new hard chrome coated valve set, a new DLC coated nozzle and a brand new Bosch solenoid. All of the other parts are investigated, measured, cleaned and adjusted to tighter than Bosch tolerances. BBI is selling injectors only in a perfect condition. Choose from remanufactured fuel injectors and you will get a 1 year warranty with unlimited mileage.

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