Gain more power and get a better running engine with BBI performance injectors

Common rail injectors are fed with pressurized fuel from a high-pressure pump feeding a common rail that is connected to each injector. The injection is controlled by a solenoid valve getting the current signal from the ECU. The solenoids open and closes a valve in the injector which opens and closes the needle of the injector (hydraulically amplified) to inject fuel into the combustion chamber of the engine.


BBI fuel injectors are made for Dodge RAM with Cummins B-engines. Mostly common are 5.9 Cummins injectors or 6.7 Cummins injectors. Additional care will ensure a longer lifetime of high performance fuel injector. We recommend using quality diesel fuel. The usage of biodiesel increases the risk of having a high water containment and causing corrosion. Also biodiesel is know to build deposits which can harm the injectors function. Adding extra fuel filters will help to improve lifetime of your fuel system. Some parts of the injector have a clearance as small as 1-3µm. The OEM fuel filter with a 5µm filtration are not good enough to avoid small damages in those areas of the injector.

BBI offers new injectors and remanufactured injectors for Dodge Rams from 2003-2018. If you have a lot of miles on your fuel system, we recommend to replace the supply tubes as well. They have an edge filter included that shows wear over lifetime.

In addition, we offer RaceMe Diesel Tuners and Smarty Diesel Tuners.

To choose the right high quality fuel injector based on your personal goals we recommend to read our injector guidline which you can find in our blog section!

In general, if you want to learn more about BBI fuel injectors, read Advantages. If you have any questions, FAQ will help you or feel free to ask our 24/7 customer support.