What are the differences between remanufactured and new BBI injectors?

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In many of the big online Cummins/Diesel/Performance forums there are a lot of people telling everyone, to avoid using remanufactured injectors. Based upon history they will cause troubles and it is not worth the risk to go the remanufactured route.

There are a lot of horror stories from personal experiences in those forums as well… yes, this has a good reason. The Common Rail Injector is the most complicated mechanical part of your entire engine. It also has the tightest manufacturing tolerances, with near zero room for error. There are a multitude of failure possibilities in the remanufacturing process.

Most of the companies offering remanufactured injectors are simply buying spare parts, taking the old parts out and assembling it with the new parts. These rebuilders are not taking into account that exchanging injector parts requires minute mechanical measurements and adjustments in the injector, to correct manufacturing differences between the exchanged parts.

Each and every internal adjustment of the injector needs a computer controlled screwing process (torque and angle controlled) to be sure that it is done correctly, to achieve consistent results.

What we find when inspecting the core injectors that we get back from our customers is very interesting. Often times there is a 3rd party remanufactured injector, in the returned injector core set. That single remanufactured injector is the one that caused the whole set to fail. We also see that a lot of companies are not even using OEM Bosch parts to rebuild their injectors. They are using inexpensive, low quality Chinese copies of the high-pressure sealing rings, nozzles and the valve sets. Some companies even regrind the valve sets themselves.

All of these facts lead to the bad reputation that remanufactured injectors currently have.

This is not the case if you chose BBI remanufactured injectors!

We only use OEM Bosch components to build our injectors.

We adjust all remanufactured injectors to the same mechanical and hydraulic tolerances as our new BBI injectors. All of our remanufactured injectors get the new hard chrome coated valve set and a new DLC coated nozzle. All of the older injector cores we accept are upgraded to have all the latest design features. These updates provide better low-pressure functionality. All other parts are investigated and measured and are only reused if they are in a perfect working condition. We are very particular in assessing the injector cores returned to us. If for any reason they do not meet our strict specifications, we cannot accept them and will not use them.

We test all of our injectors over the full operating range. What does this mean? Each set of Big Bang Injectors includes a full injection quantity map. Our full injection quantity mappings are made from over 500 single test points for all of our 5.9l injectors. More than 700 single test points are used to make the full injection quantity mapping for all of our 6.7l injectors.For that reason, we will not let any failures pass and you will never get a bad injector out of the box from Big Bang Injection. Our test stand allows us to find failures when measuring new Bosch injectors that were not found from Bosch in their production lines. We correct those failures as well when building our new BBI injectors.

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