Why are Big Bang Injectors the Best Injectors on the Market?

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The main reasons that set us apart of other injector brands:

  1. Knowledge
  2. Manufacturing quality
  3. Mechanical and hydraulic tolerances over the full operating range
  4. Passion. We love what we do. We love performance. We refuse to compromise longevity for performance. We combine performance with the longest possible durability.

1. Knowledge

We, the two owners of Big Bang Injection worked more than 25 years for Bosch developing Common Rail injectors. We now have 36 combined years of experience building common rail injectors. We intimately know and understand the function of each and every component inside these injectors. Understanding these components and their relationship to each other regarding function, is a key ingredient to our success. Having spent years in failure analysis provides us with critical insight regarding potential areas of failure. With our experience we are able to adjust our injectors to tighter tolerances than Bosch production lines allow. Our test equipment allows us to verify our adjustments.

2. Manufacturing quality

We use only OEM Bosch parts and for all modified parts we use the same manufacturing processes as Bosch does. This allows us to achieve the best possible quality. We only use the latest parts with the latest design upgrades. Bosch has upgraded a lot of the injector internals over the years. This is to insure the longest possible life of these injectors. Hard chrome coating on the valve seat provides a higher particle robustness. Diamond like carbon (DLC) coating on the nozzle needle solves wear problems on the guidance and on the nozzle seat. Big Bang Injection modifications do not shorten the life of these injectors. We actually increase the injector life expectancy! We have customers with more than 400k miles on their BBI injectors already.

Big Bang Injection strives for the highest quality and longest lifetime for our injectors. We are not satisfied, if you are not satisfied. Yes, we hold the bar high. The best product, with the highest customer satisfaction is our mission.

3. Mechanical and hydraulic tolerances

No one adjusts and tests their injectors like we do it. BBI injectors are mechanically adjusted to tighter tolerances than Bosch does. We have built our own custom test bench to make our unique hydraulic standard test program even possible. We test our injectors in more test points than anyone else. This makes it possible to achieve the tightest tolerances in all operating conditions in your engine. We record and retain all measurement data, of every single injector we build. That allows us the possibility to build you a flow matched spare injector, for your particular set. If that is ever needed.

4. Passion

We build each and every Big Bang Injector as though it was going to be installed into our own truck. Or our own mothers’ truck. Build it right the 1st time. Cut no corners. Do anything and everything required to provide the best Common Rail Injector available anywhere!

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3 thoughts on “Why are Big Bang Injectors the Best Injectors on the Market?

  1. tim mullins says:

    just installed a set of stage 1 injectors and all i can say is wow. truck starts faster runs smoother and no rattle. throttle response is almost instant and fuel mileage is up 3 mpg. if you’re thinking about buying these injectors just do it. u wont be dissapointed. great product

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